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Aspiring painters and art enthusiasts will be aware of the gentleman Bob Ross as he one of the most influential painters who had the love for teaching his art to his fellowmen. Continue reading to know more information about the life, career, and net worth of Bob Ross. His father Jack was a carpenter while his mother Ollie Ross was a waitress and he had a half-brother named Jim.

Bob was an animal lover from his childhood, and it is said that he used to care for snakes, alligators, and armadillo too. He left school and went on to help his father in carpentry and lost a portion of his index finger while using the table saw.

Bob married his first wife Vivian Ridge inand the couple had a son named Steven Ross. Steven was also a skillful painter who accompanied Bob in some episodes of his show. After divorcing his first wife Vivian inRoss married his second wife Jane in Jane Ross died of cancer in and Ross went on to marry Lynda Brown in Two months after his marriage with Lynda, Bob died of Lymphoma.

When Ross was 18 years old, he joined the US Air Force as a medical records technician and gradually rose to the posts of master sergeant and first sergeant. He worked with the US Air Force for 20 years and used to create painted arts during his free time for sale. He even attended some painting classes and realized that none of the classes taught students how to paint.

He mastered the style and began to sell paintings that earned him a good sum of money. He moved to Florida and studies painting from Bill Alexander, joining his painting company. One of his well-wishers Annette Kowalski advised Ross to start his own company which he did arranging funds from Annette, his wife and himself. The company initially struggled a lot but slowly gained fame which paved the way for him to host a TV show. He hosted the show The Joy of Painting from to that was aired on the PBS channel which was a huge success garnering much fame and fortune.

lynda brown bob ross wife death

He establishes the firm Bob Ross Inc. After his death, his paintings were donated to the PBS Stations. Though he struggled a lot initially with his painting line, he managed to stabilize the business over the coming years.Bob's cause of death was lymphoma.

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Bob Ross was born on October 29, and died on July 4, Bob was 52 years old at the time of death. Ross went from being a public television personality in the s and s to being an Internet celebrity in the 21st century, becoming popular with fans on YouTube and many other websites after his death.

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Ross used the wet-on-wet oil painting technique, in which the painter continues adding paint on top of still-wet paint rather than waiting a lengthy amount of time to allow each layer of paint to dry. From the beginning, the program kept the selection of tools and colors simple so that viewers would not have to make large investments in expensive equipment.

Ross frequently recommended odorless paint thinner aka odorless mineral spirits for brush cleaning. Combining the wet painting method with the use of large one- and two-inch brushes, as well as painting knives, allowed Ross to paint trees, clouds, mountains, and water in a matter of seconds. Each painting would start with simple strokes that appeared as nothing more than smudges of color. As he added more and more strokes, the blotches would transform into intricate landscapes.

Ross painted three versions of almost every painting featured on his show. The first was painted prior to taping, and sat on an easel, off-camera, during filming, where Ross used it as a reference to create the second copy—the one viewers actually watched him paint. After filming the episode, Ross painted a third, more detailed version for inclusion in his instructional books. Ross had one son, Steven Ross, with his first wife, Vivian Ridge.

Steven, also a talented painter, occasionally appeared on The Joy of Painting and became a Ross-certified instructor. Steven appeared on camera in the last episode of Season 1, in which he read a series of general "how-to" questions sent in by viewers during the season, and Bob answered them one at a time, technique by technique, until he had completed an entire painting. Ross and Ridge's marriage ended in divorce in Ross and his second wife, Jane, had no children together.

InJane died of cancer. Intwo months before his death, Ross married for a third time to Lynda Brown. Ross is known to have been very secretive about his life and had a great liking for privacy, with only a tight circle of friends.

Some of only a few interviews with his close-knit circle of friends and his family can be found in the PBS documentary Bob Ross: The Happy Painter. His company, Bob Ross Inc.For eleven years he hosted one of the most popular art shows on television — transforming a blank canvas to a finished painting in a remarkably short, 30 minutes.

He captivated audiences with his mesmerizing voice and relaxed demeanor, and of course, his signature perm. His fame as a pop-culture icon shows no sign of diminishing yet so little is known about his life.

Today on Biographics, we piece together the world of Bob Ross — beyond the canvas. Bob Ross was fiercely private and never revealed details of his personal life. He gave very few interviews — claiming no one bothered to ask him. Looking for answers is especially difficult considering no official biography of his life exists from primary sources.

If we had wanted to write an accurate biographical book on Bob Ross, that goal would be difficult to accomplish. Facts are hard to come by, and nearly impossible to verify. Still, some specifics are known and so far, remain undisputed. When Ross was just a year and a half old his parents divorced and Ross moved to Orlando.

As a freshman in high school, Ross dropped out to work as a carpenter alongside his father. Around the same time, Ross suffered an accident, losing the tip of his left index finger on a saw blade. Ross must have been self-conscious of his deformed hand for the rest of his life. On his hit television show The Joy of Painting, Ross carefully disguised it — holding his paint palette so it remained shielded from view most of the time.

Ross was known to be an animal lover his entire life. As a youngster, this may have been passed on from his mother. As a teenager, Ross allegedly kept exotic pets, including armadillos and alligators.

lynda brown bob ross wife death

Later on in life, his pet gray squirrel sometimes made an appearance on his television show. Bob Ross married twice during his life and had three sons. He married his first wife Lynda Brown early on in his military career and they divorced in The couple had two sons, Bob Jr. They had one son, Morgan, who would also become an accomplished artist. Sadly, Jane died from cancer in and Ross did not remarry.

Long before his time on public television, Ross was in the military. At the age of 18 Ross joined the United States Air Force and within a few years he was uprooted from his native Florida and sent to an entirely unfamiliar place — Fairbanks, Alaska.

Ross spent the next twenty years of his life in Alaska — working, raising a family, and developing a love for painting amid the majestic mountains, towering pines, and crystal clear waters. Apparently, Ross yelled so much during his military career he never wanted to raise his voice again after he left the Air Force. According to Ross, they failed to teach him the practical techniques of how to paint.

Ross soon found a more suitable painting instructor on public television. Unlike other painting methods, when an artist uses alla prima, he or she can add wet paint in layers without waiting for the paint to fully dry. Alexander falsely claimed to have invented the style but it actually dates back to the fifteenth century in Flanders modern-day Belgium. Alla Prima was popular with many famous artists throughout history but enjoyed great fanfare among the Impressionist painters in the nineteenth century.

It was a lucrative endeavor and when his earnings from paintings surpassed his military salary, he resigned to become a full-time artist. By that time, Alexander taught art classes in his spare time and happily took the eager Ross under his wing. During their early meeting, Alexander was impressed with Ross and he hired him as a traveling tutor for the Alexander Magic Art Supplies Company. Unable to get up, she laid in bed all day watching television episodes of The Magic of Oil Painting.Funny thing about Bob Ross: We all know who he is.

lynda brown bob ross wife death

It doesn't matter if you ever watched The Joy of Painting on PBS or if you're a professional artist or if you can't draw a stick figure or if you were born decades after he first became a thing. Everyone — everyone — knows about Bob Ross and his happy little trees. So when we look back on the life of Bob Ross and his rise to fame, we are left with a singular question: What the heck?

Bob Ross – Bio, Son, Wife, Children, Death, Net Worth

How did a guy with a PBS painting show become the big star we all still know and love today, years after his death? And why did 90 percent of his audience tune in with no intention of painting along or painting anything, ever?

What was it about the guy that made him so fascinating to so many viewers? Well, you're in luck. We've dug into the past and discovered the real Bob Ross, before the fame and yes, before the afro. So let's just get this one out of the way right up front, so you'll have some time to recover. Bob Ross did not really have an afro. It was a perm. Yes, it's true, Ross' hair was naturally straight.

Suddenly, he was full of regret. You have to admit, though, keeping the curly hair was a smart business move. Bob Ross' signature hairdo is so iconic that you instantly know who that silhouette, Chia Pet, or Lego figure is supposed to be.

Bet you couldn't say the same thing about Picasso or da Vinci. We should probably also mention that Bob Ross was a really private person. In fact he was so private, that just about everything we know about him comes from sources other than himself. In fact he was so super-extra private that even the people who wrote the book Happy Clouds, Happy Trees: The Bob Ross Phenomenon had to include a disclaimer that they weren't entirely sure what they were talking about.

But if you're hoping to find something shocking or deeply personal in it, you're going to be disappointed. So we kind of have to wonder how much of that whole never-asked-for-interviews thing was really just Bob Ross intentionally not answering the phone.

If things had gone differently for him, he might have become famous for his paintings of happy little hurricanes, happy little retirement homes, and happy little alligators instead of those sweeping, mountainous landscapes he was so fond of. So how did he end up with an interest in alpine forests and towering peaks? When he was 18, he joined the U. That must have been a difficult adjustment for a guy who was used to winters where the average low temperature in January is like 50 degrees, but Ross appears to have adjusted admirably.

According to Biographyhe spent most of the next 20 years in the Land of the Midnight Sun, surrounded by natural beauty, and that's what inspired him to become a painter. It wasn't all happy trees and happy mountainsthough. When Ross wasn't painting, he was filing. For most of his time in Alaska he worked as an Air Force medical records technician. Ross always spoke fondly of Alaska, though, even after he left. He also had a sense of humor about it: "My favorite uncle asked me if I wanted to go there — Uncle Sam.

He said if you don't go, you're going to jail. That is how Uncle Sam asks you. So what exactly did Bob Ross bust up to earn the nickname "Bust 'em up Bobby?Bob Ross was an American painter, painting instructor, and TV personality. He began his painting career while in the U.

Air force, drawing mostly landscapes. His show taught people how to paint utilizing the wet-on-wet technique. Armed with a cool demeanor and a reassuring tone, Ross simplified the art of painting for his loyal audience. He inspired people who had never held a paintbrush to believe that they had artistic talent.

He also established a company which produced guidebooks and videos on painting. Ross passed away in but his legacy still lives on. Google honored him with a doodle on the 29 th October which would have been his 70 th birthday.

His father, Jack, was a carpenter and a Cherokee Indian while his mother, Ollie was a waitress. He also had a half-brother named Jim. As a child, Ross loved animals and spent his time, taking care of injured animals that came across his way.

After just a year in high school, he dropped out and started working for his dad. It was in Alaska that he began taking painting classes.

Ross was however dissatisfied with the classes because his instructors only sprouted off abstract terms without really teaching one how to paint. The host of the show, Bill Alexander, made use of a 15th-century technique known as alla prima to simplify the art of painting. Also known as wet-on-wet, the technique involved applying oil paint on the canvass continuously without waiting for the previously applied one to dry.

As a result, one could finish a painting in 30 minutes top, the same length of time a TV program would take.

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Utilizing this technique, Bob Ross made numerous paintings of landscapes consisting of the glorious Alaskan mountains and snow. He sold same to tourists making a fortune as a result. He thereafter decided to retire from the army in The show ran from to and was a fan favorite. This has been attributed to many factors such as his ability to break the process of painting into simple steps, his humble and positive attitude, his laid-back demeanor as well as his hippie style consisting of a permed afro, shirt, and jeans.

Ross completed at least 30, paintings in his lifetime. The final episode of his show aired on the 17 th of May Bob Ross was diagnosed with lymphoma in Despite his outgoing personality, he was still a man who preferred to keep his private life, private.

As such, he kept his illness away from the attention of the public. Ross died on the 4 th of July He was 52 at the time of his death and was buried in Gotha, Florida. Even though Ross has been late for more than two decades, his legacy still lives on. Episodes of his shows are now available on Netflix, YouTube, and Twitch.

Insome YouTubers staged a contest between him and the famous painter Pablo Picasso. The video of the contest has been viewed more than 33 million times.Robert Norman Ross October 29, — July 4, was an American painterart instructor and television host.

Ross went from being a public television personality in the s and s to posthumously being an Internet celebrity in the 21st century. While working as a carpenter with his father, he lost part of his left index finger. This minor disability did not affect the way he held his palette while painting.

Inyear-old Ross enlisted in the United States Air Force and was put into service as a medical records technician. He developed his quick-painting technique to create art for sale during brief daily work breaks. During his year Air Force career, Ross developed a taste for painting after attending an art class at the Anchorage U. He found himself frequently at odds with many of his painting instructors, who were more interested in abstract painting.

Ross said, "They'd tell you what makes a tree, but they wouldn't tell you how to paint a tree.

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Ross studied and became quite good at alla prima through Alexander's show and began selling Alaskan landscapes painted on the inside of novelty gold-mining pans. He retired from the Air Force in as a master sergeant.

He returned to Florida and studied painting under Alexander, then joined the "Alexander Magic Art Supplies Company" and became a traveling salesman and tutor. Annette Kowalski, who had attended one of his sessions, became convinced that there was a great opportunity for Ross to succeed on his own and persuaded him to do so. She invested her life savings in the company, as did Ross and his wife. The business struggled at first; his trademark permed hairstyle came about as a cost-cutting measure when his regular crewcut haircuts became too expensive.

Bob Ross Net Worth

Ross later confessed that he disliked the hairstyle, but did not feel he could change it because it was depicted in the company logo. The show ran from January 11, to May 17,but reruns still [update] continue to appear in many broadcast areas and countries, including the non-commercial digital subchannel network Create. In the United Kingdomthe BBC re-ran them during the Covid pandemic of while most viewers were in lockdown at home.

During each half-hour segment, Ross would instruct viewers in oil painting using a quick-study technique from the imagination that used a limited palette of paints and broke down the process into simple steps. Art critic Mira Schor compared him to Fred Rogershost of Mister Rogers' Neighborhoodnoting that Ross's soft voice and the slow pace of his speech were similar. Ross also filmed wildlifesquirrels in particular, usually in his garden, and he would often take in injured or abandoned squirrels and other animals.

Small animals often appeared on his Joy of Painting canvasses.

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Ross used the wet-on-wet oil painting technique in which the painter continues adding paint on top of still-wet paint rather than waiting a lengthy amount of time to allow each layer of paint to dry. From the beginning, the program kept the selection of tools and colors simple so that viewers would not have to make large investments in expensive equipment. Ross frequently recommended odorless paint thinner aka odorless mineral spirits for brush cleaning.He died on July 4, in Orlando, Florida.

Sign In. Edit Bob Ross. Showing all 34 items. After retiring from the military he made a promise vowing never to scream again. His wife, Jane, died during The Joy of Painting 's 20th season in He dedicated the series to her. He was missing the top joint on his left index finger because of a carpentry accident as a child.

He was never paid for his show, instead using it as way to promote his teaching business. He wore jeans and a casual shirt on-screen to keep the date of the filming obscure, imagining that simple clothes would always be in style. He never turned down being interviewed but he only did a handful in his lifetime, both because he was rarely asked and he was hard to find anyway, so there isn't a lot actually known about him. He disliked the idea of having his paintings displayed in an art museum or gallery.

After learning to paint from the TV he made a living painting Alaskan mountainsides on the inside of novelty gold mining pans for tourists. He made each painting on "The Joy of Painting" thrice.

Bob Ross Biography: The Man Behind the Canvas

The first was painted beforehand and used for reference, the second was the one he painted on-screen, and the third was a more detailed version he painted afterwards for photographs for his books. His hair was naturally straight. Money was tight after the first year of him being an art tutor, so he had his hair permed to save money on weekly trims.

He grew to dislike his Afro later, but his image required him to keep it. He gave away every painting he made after getting his show, almost all of which went to charity auctions. He is referenced in "Ralph Breaks the Internet". In one sequence, Ralph is getting turned into an internet meme, and one scene shows Ralph sporting an afro and painting. We don't make mistakes, we just have happy little accidents.

The job requires you to be a mean, tough person. And I was fed up with it. View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro.